Please, have a seat and make yourself at home. The fire’s warm and I just opened a bottle of red.

If this is your first time here, let me just say, welcome! You’re about to embark on a colorful journey that’ll make you laugh, make you feel, and may even erode your flimsy network of psychological constructs. You’ll find a direct link to Iss. 1, Page 1 in the menu at the top.

If this is your not your first time here, let me just say… I’m so, so sorry. I’ve been a bad comic-maker. I posted infrequently at random times. I ignored your compliments and kind requests. I took two years off to work on another comic. You deserve better.

But I can change! Baby, I can change! I can be the comic-maker you always wanted me to be. That other comic meant nothing to me!

In fact, I’m even rolling out quite a few changes to the Man of Many Shades, including new pages every week and an eventual print edition. Here’s what you can expect from now on:

  • New Pages Every Tuesday & Thursday!
  • Brand New 2-Issue Story Arc to Wrap Up the First Book!
  • More Books after This One! The plan is for the Man of Many Shades series to consist of 5 graphic novels, each around 8 issues.
  • New Site Design with Clickable Pages and Faster Loading Times!
  • Print Edition of the First Book! Around the end of the year, I’ll be going to Kickstarter to sell print editions of Book 1, comprising the first 8 issues.
  • The Chance to be Crayonized and Added into the Forever Version! On Kickstarter, you’ll be able to have your likeness drawn into the final version of the comic.

Wow! That’s so many awesome benefits for readers, I just shit my pants writing them all!

So, whether it’s welcome or welcome back, I’m glad you’re here. Without the support and encouragement of you readers, I would have stopped this nonsense long ago. All I can say is that I hope you enjoy reading this comic as much as I enjoy making it as much as I also enjoy reading comics.